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WTF is this thing?

Swappity Swap is a Chrome extension that replaces words you see on the web with substitutes of your choosing. Want your name to appear as "Emperor of the Universe" on websites you visit? This simple extension lets you do it. Use it to amuse yourself, or use it to add helpful context to words or phrases. Use it however you want.

Let's look at some typical use cases...

French Fries

Look, breakups are rough. When you're forced to endure one, the last thing you need is a constant reminder of the ex-love of your life. So Sweet Steve from Detroit put together this clever way of replacing a word that conjured up her jilted past with something more innocuous.

Sweet Steve

Sweet Steve, Detroit, MI

"Back in September, my girl left me, and my heart hurts. Her name - Marguerite Jean-Marie Le Pen. Nope, not Guatemalan - she was actually French! So now whenever I see the word "French" on the web, I burst out into tears (sometimes into anger; once into hunger). Your Swappity Swap tool solved my problem. Now instead of losing my cool when I see 'french fries', I can keep my cool by reading 'just regular fries'. Same goes for 'just regular onion soup' or 'just regular kissing'."

French Fries

😘Mighty fine swappin' there, Sweet Steve. But worry not. As that just regular Canadian singer likes to yell, "your heart will go onnnnnn".

Anderson Cooper

At Swappity headquarters, we try to be a refined organization. Sure, on casual Fridays we let our staff take it down a notch from mandatory tuxedos to three-piece suits, but generally speaking we like to keep the joint classed up.

But Swappity Swap is a tool for the people, and we've seen uses that span all levels of brow – high and low. This potty-mouthed user from Atlanta is clearly working through a grudge with a co-worker, and our tool came to his rescue.

Wolf B.

Wolf B., Atlanta, GA

"I have a colleague that does not respect labeled food in the refrigerator. What's mine is his, apparently! I'm not going to name names, but it's Anderson Cooper from CNN. Your tool let me keep it real inside my browser. I basically just changed his last name from Cooper to Pooper. I know it's stupid, but I don't know, it makes me feel better."

Anderson Cooper

🙄Wolf. Buddy. You gotta grow up. You just...you gotta grow up.

John Stamos

The line between fiction and reality is blurry for some. That seems to be the case with this devoted user. We love immersing ourselves in the imaginary world of TV as much as the next word-swapping startup, but something tells us Christina from Portland is taking things a tad too far.

Christina E.

Christina E., Portland, OR

"Full House. I love it. I grew up on it. Not literally - I mean, it's not like I was on the show or anything!!! They wouldn't cast me. Jeff Franklin specifically. Said I was too "wild-eyed" (whatever that even means!!!!!). So I spent the next twenty-three years in a little room writing my own plotlines for the show and acting them out with various neighborhood animals I'd...borrow. I'd haphazardly post them on the wall, scrawling arbitrary lines from one to another, seemingly indicating a connection of some sort. The room is really turning out nice!!!!!

Anyway, with the new show coming out soon, I thought I'd get my head in the game. Swappity Swap lets me change the actors' names to the characters' names. It's like, who's this 'John Stamos' guy? Oh, you mean Uncle Jesse? So random that people call him 'John Stamos'! I mean, have mercy!!!

You guys think I'm pretty, right?"

John Stamos

😳Wow! Christina is...committed! Or at least should be. (Boom, roasted).